Women's Ministry

Dear Ladies,

As we have been separated by the Covid situation, we may feel a little removed from our church body but we’ve stayed connected where we could – texts and emails, coffee outside, phone calls and notes. The world has confronted us with many challenges but as Christians we have hope in Jesus and the comfort of prayer.  I feel called to invite you to join in 24 Hours of Prayer.  If we each took an hour or even a half hour, praying from our homes, we could “come together” and pray!

A sign up is attached to this so you can pick your time on Friday, April 2nd beginning at 6 am through Saturday at 6 am.

Below are subjects to pray for:

Pray for:

Our nation, state and city

Our church and the church worldwide

     to seek the Lord and His Word

     to humble ourselves

     to be bold in sharing our hope in Jesus

Our church leaders

     to seek God’s way and will

Our Women’s Ministry

     to meet the needs of our women

     to grow in the Lord

Those in need that they would be brave and ask for help

Those who can help that they would be aware of needs and be quick to respond


     to prepare for spiritual battle each and every day

     for protection, spiritually, emotionally and physically

Please come join me!

Pam Crochet


If you have questions, please contact the church office.