From   Dan & Heidi

Good Evening!  I wanted to thank all the parents for their patients last night, as we ran a little late.  As most of you could see we had a blast with "Snowman Night".  Next Sunday will be "Mission Night".  We will have video messages from both the Griggs (serving in Peru) and Tonya Dove (sering in Sweden) to share with the clubbers.  We are so excited!


As I mentioned yesterday, the Awana games are quickly approaching.  We would love to send teams to represent our Awana club.  We need 10 or so kids from both Sparks and T&T in order to form teams.  At this point we do not have enough kids to send teams.  We will also need some leader volunteers! The actual Awana games will be held on Saturday, February 26th.  Sign-in will be at 10:30.  They will do Sparks games first followed by T&T games.  We are estimating that each club's games will last approximately and hour.  We will have full details at sign-in on Sunday for those who are interested.


We have been given another great opportunity to serve our community through the Airman Cookie Drive.  Carolyn Ritschard (the former Awana Commander) has asked if clubbers and their families would be willing to bake cookies for the Airmen in the dorms on FE Warren. If your family is interested please follow the link below for more information, or reach out to me with questions.!/showSignUp/10c0d4baeaf2ca1fe3-the5th


This Weeks Verses:


Cubbies: Bear Hug 15: Matthew 1:21 "...He will save His people from their sins..."




Hang Glider:  Green Jewel 2.1, Do activities on pgs 54-57.

Green Jewel 2.2, Do activities pgs 58-59.


Wing Runner: Green Jewel 2.3,  Colossian 3:23 (pgs 68-71)

Green Jewel 2.4, Romans 6:23, Deuteronomy 6:5, 1 Thessalonians 5:17-18.


Sky Stormer: Green Jewel 2.3, Acts 1:8 (pgs 61-63)

Green Jewel 2.4, 1 John 4:15, Romans 5:8, Matthew 28:6, 1 John 5:12


T&T: Section 3.4, Romans 5:12 ( Section 3.4 Gold and Silver Extra Credit)


Trek: Section 3.3, Luke 9:62, Be sure to do daily devotions!


Our heart is to continually pray for Awana.  We would love for all parents to take a few minutes (wherever you are) each Wednesday at noon to pray for Awana, our kids, and leaders. We would also love prayer that leaders and clubbers stay healthy!  The heart behind this is to pray together for Awanas each week, even if we can't be physically together.


We look forward to seeing you all on January 30th!  Let us know if you have any questions.


In Christ,


Dan and Heidi