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How hard can buying a new mop be?

Turns out, the answer is … really hard. There are now many different kinds of mops on the market. Each type offers different feature sets and have their own strengths and weaknesses. So, without knowing the details, it is indeed very difficult to pick the perfect mop for your vinyl floors.

What we have here for you is a Comprehensive Guide to Getting the Best Mop for Vinyl plank Floors. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the best floor mop for Vinyl in no time!

Different Types of Floor Mops

There are six major types of vinyl floor mops.

  • String Mops

String mops have a basic mop design, but with a cleaning head made from long strings of cotton or similar materials. This type is affordable, can absorb a lot of water, and can scrub out stubborn stains very well. However, they’re notably susceptible to mold and mildew.

  • Flat Mops

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These mops have a flat head which you can attach different types of mopping pads to. They have become very popular recently due to their relative affordability and convenience.

  • Spray Mops

Spray mops come with an integrated water tank. So, there’s no need to drag a heavy water bucket with you as you clean the house. A trigger is built into the handle. Press it and the sprayer at the front of the mop will apply the liquid onto the floor.

They’re a bit more expensive than flat mops or string mops, but in return, they’re far more convenient to use.

  • Sponge Mops

For fighting stains and scrubbing out stubborn debris, a sponge mop is going to be your best choice. This type of mop has a cleaning head made from textured sponge. The sponge head allows it to fight stains and deep-clean floorboards really well.

  • Steam Mops

A steam mop combines the power of water and heated steam to not only take out dirt, but also neutralize bacteria. It’s a great option for when you have to deep-clean the floor.

Steam mops are controversial. Some say they aren’t a good fit for vinyl. We lean more toward the group that says you can use it on vinyl so long that you have good technique and use it sparingly.

Different Kinds of Mopping Head

Besides the type of mop, pay close attention to the kind of mopping head it comes with. Microfiber is the king for vinyl floor mops. This type of material is non-abrasive and highly absorbent. They also dry out quickly and can resist mildew.

Many mops on the market have cotton mopping heads (like string mops). Cotton is very absorbent, but, like we mentioned earlier, it can become very smelly over time due to mildew and mold.

Sponge mops will come with a textured sponge mopping head. This type is great for when you need to scrub things off of your floor and the soft touch of microfiber just can’t do the job.


When you search for the best mop for Vinyl floors to buy, these are the things that you need to pay the most attention to. And by doing so, you’ll be able to find for yourself a great mop quickly!

Of course, there are more details that can clue you in on whether the model you’re eyeing is a good one or not. But we’re not covering them in today’s short article. If you’re interested, you can check out our free database for them.

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